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Rénovation d'une cuisine (article en anglais)

It's time to refurbish our kitchen ! back to work !

We stripped the galley and always wanted to replace the Formica top to something more modern.


When we stripped out all wood was in good order however to install the new sinks we needed to cut out the 15mm marine ply and install new between the cooler and the small plate drainer on the rhs.

IMG 87092

We replaced it, installed the new sink from penguin engineering with tap. Dry fitted and cut ply to suit.

IMG 8788IMG 8789

We ordered the Formica from morelands in the Uk. Rough cut it down in garage to size 1200x1000 and a smaller piece 550x500. 

We used a contact adhesive and did edges first. Then tops using a router with an end bearing on it. Then hand filed to Finnish.

IMG 8791IMG 8793IMG 8805

The sink fitted with clear ct1 and new upstands either side forward and aft.

The ash was a lucky find on a local building site we were working at as in a complete solid ash door linings.

A local joiner machined new edges, these were bonded to the new worktop, with ct1 grab and bond. I don’t think I’m going to 

screw it down and plug drill it unless it too weak. We will see!

IMG 8808

Varnishing with 4 coats 50/50 varnish spirit.

IMG 8807image0 360

james02 760

Hopefully be done soon!

James, on S/Y Good Feeling