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The reason for keel removal is that we found cracked floor timber, and also resealing the joint between hull and keel. Luckily we did decide to remove keel, because we found dangerously corroded keel bolts.

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How to remove keel on feeling 346Q

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First I thought that i need to unscrew from top, but bolts won't move... so I went to feeling club forum and found keel technical drawing.

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When I found that out, I took an oscillating tool and cut holes in the keel as seen on the drawing. I found wet foam and rusty nuts.

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After removing nuts I thought that unscrewing from top would be possible but bolts still won’t turn (again went to the forum) and found technical drawing of top plates of keel bolts and found little triangles on sides( welded bolts to plates...). I could not sleep that night because of a problem. Then I remember that every car has a portable car lift for emergencies. so I put a fork key tool on top of the car lift and together in the keel and made a few turns and voila bolts (pairs) were lifted.

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New bolts and Sika

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Then we pull bolts out from the top.

Then we use a forklift to fix the keel and lift the boat. The boat was sitting like that for three months because of floor timber repair.

When we repaired the timber we cleaned silicone out of keel sitting in the houl, painted underwater premier on hull and keel.

Then everything was ready for joining together with a lot and i mean A LOT of sikaflex 292i.

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And boat is back together finally. After a few days I have tightened bolts to full load. After a month we find a problem that is still unsolved. sikaflex did not "cure" on parts where there is thin layer of sika, for example on bolts, nuts and outside joints... on parts where sika is thick is fully cured ! Maybe someone on this forum has an idea or solution for my problem ?

Matevz, on Pacific to Rogoznica.